All About Engaging Cased-Hole Electric Wireline Services 

Exploration of wellbores requires several tools and equipment, which must be suspended inside, often for specific tasks or to gather data. Both slicklines and wirelines are used for that. Oil & petroleum companies that are engaged in upstream work often rely on wireline services like for varied requirements. Outsourcing has several benefits for many companies. First and foremost, it allows companies to focus on their core operations, where professional services take care of tasks like perforating for circulation, recovering objects from bore, locating level of fluid and so on. Wireline services also handle tasks like scraping of debris and gathering data.

Facts to know

There are only a handful of companies in North America that specialize in cased-hole electric wireline services, and they work with clients to offer other specific services too. Many companies also deal in things like radioactive tagging. If you are looking for wireline companies, check if they are well-known and have trained and experienced personnel for handling project needs. When it comes cased-hole and radioactive tagging, it is imperative to focus on safety in a way to achieve desired results. Check if the wireline company has the necessary capabilities and how long they have been in the industry. North American businesses are expanding fast in the oil and petroleum sector, and it is absolutely wise and imperative to find a service that can offer scalable solutions for exploration and cased-hole tagging.

Ask the right questions

Beyond the basics, it is also important to review wireline services based on the projects they have managed so far. Get references, find more on companies that they work with on a regular basis, and don’t shy away from discussing things in detail. This is one of those sectors, where workplace safety is a major concern, and you need a company that has trained teams, and at the same time, they should treat their employees fairly. Their market standing in the US Oil and Gas Industry is something to consider.

Final word

When you look for companies that have been dealing with wireline services, also check the kind of technologies they have, like RigLock®, greaseless wireline, which is now the norm in advancement. Check if they have all the tools for tagging, logging and release. Wireline companies have a dominant to play in the industry, and with the right company, you know expansions and exploring new dimensions wouldn’t be hard.

If you were searching for the best wireline service provider near you, consider looking for Casper Wireline Company. The experts of the company have more than 75 years of experience with a decent record of accomplishments for their unique services. They are specialists in pipe recovery and committed to both small and large businesses.

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