Grants for Small and Medium Enterprises

The Productivity Solutions Grant is an award-winning grant that supports businesses and small enterprises looking forward to adoption of new technologies and equipment to improve their daily operations. It specifically covers field-specific innovative solutions to support companies in various sectors, including food service, engineering, logistics, retail, and eCommerce. The Productivity Solutions Program is designed to stimulate the economy through increased research and development spending, technological innovation and job creation. To be eligible for this program, you need to demonstrate a direct connection between the program and your company’s three key business objectives:

The Productivity Solutions Grant offers two main benefits. First, it helps the company to evaluate the impact of implementing the specific technologies on their operations, workforce, quality and operational improvements and other business aspects. Second, it provides funding that will cover all necessary costs involved in implementing the new technologies and equipment. The funding can come from state and/or federal agencies, as well as from the Productivity Solutions Grant application itself. Usually, an entrepreneur or business planning to apply for the grant has to have a background and experience in the chosen industry and have a plan on how the implementation will affect his company.

If you are looking for a productivity solutions grant in Singapore, the most recommended option is to contact the prime minister’s office on Business and Innovation for more information on the availability of grants across industries. You can also visit the Productivity Solutions Grant website for detailed information on eligibility requirements and application procedures. To get the full grant, you must be applying in the approved industries in Singapore.

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