Some Accessories Used In The Bakery Industry That You Should Have In Mind

The starting point for obtaining good quality products is a good production structure. Accessories are part of this structure. Any type of improvisation is inadvisable, as each piece of equipment has already been studied, developed, and perfected to offer you maximum quality and efficiency. See below what the accessories are used in a bakery.

1 – Massager: it is the equipment destined to mix the ingredients and make the dough. The kneaders can be of the slow and fast type. The slow type is usually greater capacity, reaching 25 kg of dough or more. However, the time spent is considerably longer, and it may be necessary to supplement the preparation of the dough in a cylinder. Quick kneaders, also called kneaders, can have only one speed or offer up to three rotation options. They make it possible to prepare from one kilo of dough to 10 kg or more.

The great advantage is that the dough comes out ready to be used in the other stages of the baking process (no need to use the cylinder); they spend less time preparing the same amount of dough at a time prevents part of the dough from being exposed for a long time, while the other steps are being carried out.

2 – Cooler and water dispenser: in a bakery, it is ideal to use cold water to prepare the dough to control the temperature increase resulting from the beginning of fermentation and the mechanical action of the kneader. The water cooler and dozer are equipment that supplies water, at approximately 4ºC, directly into the mixer in the right amount, thus favoring obtaining a dough of great quality.

3 – Stainless steel table: Many baking steps are carried out on a table. And it must be made of stainless steel such from Schaumburg specialties for example, as it is a durable, resistant material, with a sufficiently smooth surface (reduces the stickiness of the dough) and is easy to clean and hygienic.

4 – Scale: the quality of baked goods fundamentally depends on the number of ingredients used. Therefore, they need to be weighed accurately. In baking, all ingredients must be weighed, whether liquid or solid. That’s right; we must weigh in addition to flour and yeast, water, milk, eggs, and everything else listed in product formulas. This weighing must be done on a scale with at least one gram accuracy. In addition, weighing must be quick, as everything must be done without wasting time. So, digital electronic scales are the most appropriate, as they provide the weight accurately at the same time that the products are placed on the scale platform.

5 – Mats: these are accessories used to accommodate the dough, already rolled into a cylindrical shape, and need a very crispy crust (French bread and baguettes). They are metallic, perforated, and in channels where the masses are placed. It can be said that mats are a different type of baking sheet.

6 – Mixer: The equipment used to prepare some bakery and confectionery products. The domestic, planetary ones are sufficient to meet smaller production volumes. For large production cases, there are industrial mixers.

7- Oven: It is used to burn almost completely (leaving little residue) and presents a good efficiency in heat distribution. In these ovens, gas combustion creates a flow of hot air that moves intensely throughout its interior, making the heat uniform in all its parts. For different collection of oven racks, you can check on schaumburg specialties for example to see different collections.

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