The Shiny Object Syndrome in your home Business Industry

If you have spent any period of time online searching for legitimate ways for you to use home and earn money online, you’ve most likely been uncovered to countless different business models. A few of these business models are legit yet others aren’t.

Because of social networking, the various search engines an internet-based advertising, a brand new issue is promoting. I love to refer to it as the “Shiny Object Syndrome.” This syndrome leaves many people depressed, others in financial ruins, and it is even chased others from our industry altogether.

What’s the Shiny Object Syndrome?

It’s the promise that there’s an simpler, faster and cheaper way to earn money online. It’s a commitment of accomplished for you marketing. Just relax, do nothing at all and collect a paycheck. It’s the commitment of “push button” profits. It’s the commitment of fast money.

The Reality

I have discovered that no legitimate offline or online business is fast, free or easy. Companies have a price and make time to launch, grow and stabilize. Sadly, many people don’t wish to hear this.

Lots of people searching to earn money online have been in a difficult finances and they’re searching for your fast solution to resolve their cash problems today.

These ads promising “instant riches” prosper simply because they attract people’s avarice. Lots of people want something for free. What these individuals don’t understand is the fact that these “easy riches” don’t exist.

My Advice for you

Number One Look for a Need on the market Place

All effective companies offer services and products that individuals need or want. There has to be the best demand available on the market for your business interest, whether it’s a service or product. The demand can be in position, or produce a new demand by developing something new or service that’s unique.

Two Provide a Solution

Entrepreneurs provide methods to their client’s problems. We’re solution providers. Our responsibility would be to identify a necessity after which provide a simple solution. The answer must provide value and solve your client’s problem. If it can be done, you’ll make sales.

Three Make the Work and time

All companies have a price to begin, nurture and also be. More to the point, all companies make time to grow. It requires time for you to discover the skills, study from your mistakes, and learn how to do all you need to do. Once you begin a brand new business, create a minimum two-year commitment and do little else in that time. Focus is essential.

Number 4 Avoid Shiny Objects

You should get some blinders. Avoid Shiny Objects no matter what. Concentrate on your work. Should you go lower the road of chasing shiny objects, you’ll lose momentum, lose credibility and beginning and stopping.

10 Legitimate Business Models

Some legitimate online business models, if done correctly, include:

Network Marketing

Affiliate Marketing


Selling Products on eBay or Craigslist

Video Editing

Act as a Freelancer

Social Networking Manager

Information Marketing

Sell Your Personal Service or product


Obviously, not every one of these business models is a good fit for everybody. You need to pick something which aligns together with your strengths, personality, skills, budget and available time.

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