What kind of equipment is essential to a mushroom growing farm’s success?

If you plan on starting a mushroom growing farm or want to raise the efficiency and profitability of an existing one, high quality equipment should be your main focus. But what kind of equipment is essential to a mushroom growing farm’s success? We’ll answer this question below.

Mushroom picking lorries

Safe, modern and easy to use – those are the best words to describe high quality mushroom picking lorries. No mushroom picking farm can function efficiently without them, so they are one of the first things every farm’s owner should invest in.

Mushroom growing farm lamps

Regular lamps made for homes or office spaces won’t survive long in a mushroom growing farm’s unusual climate. That’s why special lamps, made with such difficult conditions in mind, are the best way to go when deciding on the lightning of such farm.

Mushroom growing shelving

Mushroom growing shelving is an essential piece of equipment, but, for maximum efficiency, it shouldn’t be just any random shelving. High quality shelves designed for mushroom growing farms are made of aluminum, thus durable and resistant to both corrosion and mechanical damage.

Growing nets

Pulling the substrate onto the shelving and pulling it out after it use is an important part of every mushroom growing farm’s routine. Thanks to high quality nets, which can be used for many years, this whole process doesn’t take much time and is much more efficient.

Mushroom scales

Battery-powered mushroom scales are a great alternative to the traditional wired scales. They are less likely to be damaged in the farm’s difficult climate, and they don’t need frequent charging.

Mushroom growing farm climate control

Non-optimal mushroom growing farm climate control can lead to decreased yield, quality and quantity-wise. Thankfully, high quality climate control systems not only assure that such thing doesn’t happen, but also allow for significant savings in the long term.

Mushroom picking knives

Knives are simple, but important part of every mushroom growing farm’s equipment. Above all, they need to be durable (both when it comes to the handle and the blade) and they can’t become dull too fast, which is why high-quality knives are necessary.

Irrigation system

Proper irrigation ensures that the fungi will develop well and be of highest quality. Modern irrigation systems are highly automated, which save the workers’ time and allows them to spend time on other matters, while the equipment deals with watering fungi at optimal times.

Growing tunnel covers

Hole formation and penetration are frequent issues when it comes to cheap, low quality growing tunnel covers. That’s why investing in good, durable covers that can last for many years without encountering those kinds of problems is essential.

Mushroom growing farm’s equipment has an enormous impact on its long-term profitability. Choosing the equipment well can allow for significant savings, especially when it comes to labor costs, but also the quality and quantity of the yield. GROWTIME offers high-tech equipment suited for even the most modern and demanding farms.

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