What you need to your workplace

Organizing your workplace might be quite a challenge at the beginning. That’s why we prepared a short list of office supplies, that you will probably find important during your work.

1. Do you print a lot?

If so – get a printer or even a multifunctional device. In both cases, make sure you pick a machine, that will fit your office: there is nothing worse than tripping over office equipment while you are working. This is not only distracting, but also irritating! Thus, measure the available space and pick a device, that will fit it. Choosing between a regular printer and a multifunctional device is completely your choice and it should be based on your needs. If you do make copies of documents of any sort and (even sometimes) scan them – the multifunctional machine might be a good idea. If you don’t – better choose a normal printer: it’s cheaper and usually requires less space.

2. Sit (not) tight!

A good, ergonomic chair for your office is really important. Keep in mind, that not only will it give you comfort while sitting, but also – allow you to stay healthy. A poor-quality, mismatched chair can cause pain in various parts of the body and, in the worst case, even degeneration of the spine. That’s why you should get a good chair. To get it, just visit a stationery shop of Staples, where you will get a professional advice from worker: he will tell you, what to look for and whether the chair you consider is worth your attention. Thanks to their knowledge, many employees spend their working hours in great conditions.

3. Workplace equipment

Keep in mind, that you will also need the small things, that absolutely no one thinks about until they end: pens, notebooks, sticky notes, highliters and many more. They are the seemingly insignificant office supplies, that are really important to keep your work efficient and easy. We can assure you, that you will feel painfully lack of them if you do not make sure that they are constantly in your cupboard.

Those, you can either buy at a stationery store or look for it at It’s an online store, where you can get multiple supplies for your office in really great prices. The shipment is relatively fast and secured so that no element is damaged in the process. If you know in advance, that you will need some of the office things, you can place an order at Staples online shop. This way, you will save time – you won’t have to go to the stationery shop and the whole package of supplies will be delivered straight to your office! It’s as easy as it sounds.

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