Trade Show Displays Need a Professional Modern Edge

If you are planning a convention or trade show display, getting noticed, and being remembered are likely your top priorities. If they don’t find you, or if they don’t remember you. All your effort will have gone to waste. These days people are looking for a cohesive, professional package. But they also want to be impressed. Here are technologies or strategies that will help your booth get noticed and remembered.

  • Showroom Appeal: Your booth, regardless of the size, is your company’s identity. The space says a lot about your attention to detail, and your sensibilities. Even if your walls are made from banners and plastic frames. What you put in that space will make a difference. If you want to give people the effect of crossing a threshold, you must have your own floor. Try to create a space that is removed from the other displays. Don’t crowd the space but give priority to product placement and your information displays.
  • High Tech: Even if you only have a 3-minute video on a loop. Find a way to present that video in a modern and clever manner. Use multiple flat screens in combination. Put screens in your product. Try to maximise your use of LED lighting. Pick a colour theme and have comfortable lighting popping all over your booth. It may have nothing to do with your product, but it will never fail to catch the eye and give a modern feeling to your display.
  • 3D Graphics and Clever Signage: Make sure you take full advantage of what a graphics and sign company can do for you. These days there are so many ways to get your logo converted to a design element. From laser engraving to full 3D logos created by CNC on multiple materials. Stickers, signage, and banners. All these products are advancing year by year. You can see expert applications of these processes at Massive Production.
  • People: Once you have potential clients in your booth, the presentation comes down to the people. It is critical that your representatives are groomed to perfection and dress in professional attire. Hiring professional assistants is a long-proven tactic for giving credibility to your company, Attractive people introducing your product will never fail, unless lines are crossed in terms of professional presentation.

Today’s customers want to see if you can apply modern design sense and technology together and make a statement that stands out. There are always new things to try, but some things are better than others. Focus on these four elements first and you will soon be drawing a crowd.

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